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Learn how to drive organic search traffic to your site

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or blogger?

Do you have your own WordPress site and want to figure out how to optimize it for higher rankings in search?

Did you hear about Search Engine Optimization but “SEO” seems too technical and overwhelming?

This WordPress SEO Online Course is designed for you!

If you have a website that presents your business, then you’ve at least considered the possibility of adding Search Engine Optimization to your digital marketing strategy.

If you have a website that presents your business, then you’ve at least considered the possibility of adding Search Engine Optimization to your digital marketing strategy.


⇒ When you hear about “SEO”, you don’t know where to start.

⇒ When you’re trying to figure it out, you feel overwhelmed by different learning resources. They are talking to you in a different language.

⇒ You don’t understand a technical part of SEO: settings, robots, sitemaps, redirects…what are they?

⇒ You struggle with some of the terminologies  and get put off at an early stage on many free courses.

⇒ SEO has always been one of those things you knew you should learn about, but it always ended up in the ‘too hard basket’.

Now you’re in the right place, because…

SEO Course Online

This online SEO course will help you!

I hear you, I was walking in your shoes. Being a non-techie person myself, I felt overwhelmed too.

That’s why I created this course that teaches you how to do your own Search Engine Optimization in a simple to understand terms, without paying a lot of money to SEO consultants.

How to know if this Course is for you: 

This course is for you if:

⇒ You have a WordPress site or about to start one
⇒ You are a website designer or virtual assistant, and you want to learn SEO to expand services for your clients
⇒ You want to learn how to do SEO on your website by yourself and save huge money
⇒ You want to make sure your site won’t be penalized by Google
⇒ You want to understand what the best SEO practice is, so that if you outsource it to someone else, it will be easy
for you to control what they’re doing

This course is not for:

⇒ SEO specialists
⇒ Anyone looking for cheat the algorithms
⇒ People who are looking for speedy results, otherwise they give up. SEO is not a quick process

Get the instant access now! 

(Enrollment currently closed) 

Get the instant access now! 

(Enrollment currently closed) 

The Story


WordPress & SEO journey

When my husband launched his business in 2010, the one thing he was struggling with was a good website that needs to attract potential clients online.
Since the budget was tough, he started to create the first version of this site by himself, using Joomla.
Meanwhile, WordPress was becoming more popular and flexible enough to use it for different kinds of sites (not only blogs).
Some friend of mine told us we should try it, so I was intrigued.

At that time I had some HTML experience from the past, and I had a corporate job, but building this site suddenly became my hobby by weekends. I learned WordPress quickly, fell in love with this platform, and made my best efforts.

And it paid off!

We got nice looking company website and the next question was:  “How do we get people find this site in Google so that they can send us queries?”

And from there, SEO journey has begun.

I was studying a lot about how I can optimize this website for search engines. I was reading kilometers of printed articles and guides from Google and WordPress, I was curious!

I wanted to KNOW!

I applied my knowledge step-by-step (without any rush), and website started to become visible in search results.
It was so nice to start getting inquiries from a contact form!

We got our first partners and clients from search traffic; it was so amazing. And we believed in the power of SEO.

Organic search is still a major traffic channel. As you can see from the diagram below, today it still takes around 64 % of all traffic.



But, you know what the best part is?

I put decent effort six years ago; now it’s 2016 and SEO still works!

Traffic is stable and consistent. Contact form brings new queries on a daily basis. And I’m super excited to know that I was able to help my husband and support him in his start-up by this way.

Now I get my own clients, who need my help with SEO. And I’m happy to know I can help other people to improve their website and take advantages from search engine optimization for their businesses!

The major difference between SEO and other parts of digital marketing:

SEO requires an effort, and time. You can’t get quick results with SEO, it is true. Sometimes it may take six months or even a year before you start to see results.

But once it starts working, it brings you consistent search traffic. Even if you don’t do anything specific about SEO for a long time after.

I am a big fan of digital marketing, and I’m a big fan of social media. I love it, and I love to get business queries from Instagram (it’s my favorite social media channel, by the way).

But, I strongly believe that Search Engine Optimization should not be ignored by an online entrepreneur. It should be a part of digital marketing strategy for any business, who takes online presence seriously and wants it to be stable for years.



Why am I telling you this?

If you’re not optimizing your site for search engines, you are missing out a lot of potential traffic!

Even if it is not tomorrow-traffic or it’s not the traffic you get in coming weekend, this is your future traffic! And as a business owner, you should think further.

Use your social media to generate your instant day-by-day traffic for now.
You still CAN work on your SEO too! It will bring you a stable online presence for years.

By performing Search Engine Optimization, you can help search engines find your website more quickly. So, if you have the opportunity, why wouldn’t you use it?

Let your potential customers find you on Google!


“But SEO is hard, I don’t understand it, I’m not technically savvy, and it takes a lot of time”  – you might be thinking…

Well…I’m also a not technical person, but I have patience, and I can do that, so you can do it too!

Because, If you have a WordPress site, you already half way there and you don’t need to touch any code. You just need to apply some SEO techniques!

Moreover, in this ECourse I’ll take you through all technical parts step-by-step, so you will have your site ready for Google like it was optimized by a PRO!

And you know what is the most powerful?

 Even applying some basic SEO knowledge to your website can make a big difference

Yes, SEO requires your effort and your time, or….of course, you can pay thousands and thousands of dollars to SEO specialists, when you do not really know what they do on your site and why.

But if you think you’re not ready to pay a lot of money for that, and you’re ready to learn, SEO can be manageable, and it will make sense to you once you know the basics. And those basics I teach you in this ECourse that saves you a LOT of money.

You are in the right place and you’re going to make a right decision!

I hope that my story inspired you to start working on SEO for your WordPress site and I’d love love love to teach you what I did!

about-me (1)


inside the DIY SEO with Confidence: 

Module 1: What is SEO?

In this Module you will learn what is SEO, why is it important and how it works.

Module contains:

1.1 What is SEO and how search engines work?
1.2 What SEO is and isn’t?
1.3 Your website checklist (be ready to compete online!)
1.4 Resources

Module 2: SEO Settings

In this Module I’ll take you through the technical part: all necessary installations and SEO settings.

We’ll cover:

2.1 How to make all SEO settings with WordPress and Yoast
2.2 How to set-up Google Analytics
2.3 How to set-up Google Search Console

Module 3: Keywords

In this Module we’ll go through keyword research process. It is a fun part!
Many people always wondering: what the heck is keyword research? How to perform it?
When you find some articles online, It may look complicated and hard to understand.
I’ll share some simple and decent techniques with you + I’ll provide you step-by-step instructions and even spreadsheet template that you may use. After all the information you get from this module you finally beat it!

Module 4: On-Page SEO

After you found your perfect keywords, you’re ready to perform On-Page optimization on your WordPress site. Through this Module you’ll be able to optimize the content, titles, headings, meta description, images. You will also learn how to work with Yoast plugin and what to do with Yoast analysis and recommendations.

In additional, we’ll cover on-page ranking factors and will talk about user experience, so you know what to do or what to change on your site.

Module 5: Analytics

In this Module we’ll go back to Google Analytics and cover the following topics:

5.1 How to use Google Analytics and what to measure
5.2 What is a website goal and how to set it up with Analytics
5.3 What you should know about Analytics spammers and how to get rid of them


  1. Video lesson: “How to perform a quick SEO audit for your website”
  2. Video lesson: “HTTP to HTTPS migration”

And other cool bonuses coming soon!

The course has been very helpful! I’ve looked elsewhere to learn about SEO but your course was the most affordable and practical. The videos and complementary .pdf’s were excellent. I also liked the step by step approach and the ability to do it at my own pace. Thanks for putting the course together – it must have been a lot of work.

Fiona Blinco

DIY Digital

How this Course is delivered?

Each module contains:

⇒ Training videos
⇒ PDF Workbooks with step-by-steps instructions (so you don’t need to make notes)
⇒ PDF Worksheets (use them for your homework)
⇒ Working files templates
⇒ Handy checklists

After sign-up, you immediately get the access to your personal dashboard. From there you will be able to navigate easily between modules, watch videos and download your files.

This is a 5-week ECourse, each module is accessible on a weekly basis.

If you will feel stuck, I have an individual support system in place where you can get the answers to your questions. You won’t feel you’re alone!

You will have outgoing access to this course. If you fall behind a course schedule, don’t worry. You can do this course when you have time. And you will get the access to all future updates and new bonuses! That means each time ECourse is updated and gets another round, you have it all!

A 14-day money back guarantee

I’ve worked very hard on this program and I truly believe in the value it provides. I’m sure you won’t need this, but I want you to feel confident investing in this SEO course. If you’ve worked through the first two modules of this ECourse and you think this is not for you, I’ll happily refund your payment within 14 days from your sign-up.

Get the instant access now! 

(Enrollment currently closed)

Get the instant access now! 

(Enrollment currently closed)

Frequently Asked  Questions

Can you guarantee my site will get the #1 position in Google?

No. There are no good SEO specialists or experts out there who may provide you that guarantee, even if you pay a lot of money to them. This course is not a magic pill for your website and SEO does not work that way. This course will teach you how you can improve your chances to rank in a safe way.

Does my site need to be on WordPress?

Even if your site is not on WordPress, you still can learn the basics here. However, a big part of this course is dedicated to WordPress settings, so you may not be able to apply it to your site on other platform.

I have a Yoast plugin installed on my site. Isn't it enough for SEO?

Not really. Yoast helps with a lot of technical things, but before you work with Yoast plugin on your on-page optimization, you should also understand the concept and you need to know what you need to do, choose the strategy. Plus, you also need to set up Yoast correctly. That is what I also will teach you in this course.

Can I work in your course using mobile or tablet?

Absolutely. Course is accessible from any mobile device and it is mobile friendly.

I'm not a techie person. Are you sure I can apply the techniques that you teach in this course?

Yes, I’m sure. As you have a WordPress site, I’ll teach you how to settle everything without touching any code. Everything else you can do!

What if I decide I don't like this course or it's just not for me?

If you find this course is not for you, I’ll happily refund your full payment within 14 days after you signed up. For the period of 14 days after you signed up, you will have time to go through first two modules as each module delivered on a weekly basis.
Please note, that after 14 days no refunds can be issued. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I contact you while I'm taking this course?

Absolutely. I have a support system, accessible from your dashboard, where you can reach me out and get answers to your questions within 24 hours or less.

Do you have a private group on Facebook for members?

Currently, I provide individual support to each member. If I find that we need a private group for members of this course, I’ll create it.

I have a website. Can I still apply everything I learn from this course? is very different from, and it does not provide you access to all features. So you won’t be able to set up many important things on your site. If you want your WordPress site to be SEO-friendly, I suggest you migrate from .com to .org. Here is a very good guide how to do that. If you decide to migrate, and you have difficulties to do that by yourself, reach me out, and we’ll see if I can help you with that task.

How is this course different from other SEO courses online?

Unlike many other e-courses, this one suggests you an individual support❤️. You will have an access to e-mail that I watch personally 16 hours a day. From there, you can get answers to your questions if you feel stuck, feedback or additional advice.

Get the instant access now! 

(Enrollment currently closed)

Get the instant access now! 

(Enrollment currently closed)

Need help or have questions?

Contact me! 


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